Cherry Blossom Delta 8 Disposable [2G]


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  • Rechargeable disposable vape pen filled with 2000mg of D8 oil and 100mg of custom formulated botanical terpenes.
  • Discreet and ready to use out of the box.
  • Full ceramic heating elements to ensure the cleanest and fullest flavored vaping experience.


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Dazed8 Indica Dominant

Cherry Blossom Delta 8 Disposable [2G]

Cherry Blossom Delta8 Cartridge is a bit of a mystery. Like many strains with origins before legalization, no one is sure where its genetics come from. But there is speculation that Berry B Blossom and/or Cherry Pie are somewhere in its lineage. As its name suggests, it’s absolutely delicious with a lot of sweetness and berry notes in the smell and flavor. Cherry Blossom is indica-dominant and offers a tremendous amount of THC. This strain will have you glued to the couch in no time at all, so be sure you get to where you want to be before you partake. This is a great strain for people looking for relief from minor aches. Guaranteed to blissfully doze off to sleep in a favorite chair.

Effects Of This Disposable Cartridge

70% percentage of the people who consumed Dazed8 LA Wedding Pop Delta8 report feeling happy while  52% of people report feeling uplifted which is higher compared to the 40% of people who report feeling energetic. As for stress, It helps with stress, depression, and anxiety, making it the right choice for a moody day. On the downside, it comes with feeling dry mouth, and dry eyes and people report feeling dizzy.

Do not Consume this strain if the user is below 21 years of age as well as a pregnant woman because they risk their babies having smaller birth weights, being born with anxiety issues, and in rare cases. Certainly, Smoking is bad for pregnant women so overall it is a to-go strain for you looking for a happy high. Any hybrid cannabis lover will definitely enjoy taking puffs of this premium disposable Vape cartridge any day of the week.

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